Why Women?

"Women are smart. They already know how to function in what can be a male dominated world and succeed. Women also know when they need to increase their skill level in order to get ahead.

When it comes to understanding how to protect yourself and your loved ones, there is a little known system that only those who protect people for a living are proficient in.

Of those who are proficient in the skills, fewer still have the ability and proven track record in passing these skills on to members of the public. Our instructors are some of these few.

In our world, smart people beat tough people every day of the week.

If you are a smart woman, you know that life outside is getting more dangerous, yet you will not allow yourself to become a victim. You will learn the skills that only a few of us know in order to protect yourself and your loved ones."


Dion Jensen 

A Message From The Founder

"If you have ever done a self-defense course and all you learned were physical techniques from someone who was already skilled, then they failed you. Your greatest weapon is your MIND...and you MUST learn what you CANNOT do...

As a Soldier I was trained HOW to fight; As a Police Officer I was trained WHEN to fight; As a Bodyguard I was trained to AVOID the fight. Everything else is ego."

Dion Jensen - Founder



We would rather you recognize danger and go the other way, than to end up in a physical confrontation.

Those of us who have been bodyguards understand that this is the fundamental skill.


We will teach you how to conduct a threat assessment on yourself. Utilizing our Targeting Document, you can assess how 'at risk' you may be to a potential attacker whether in your daily life or when traveling.


Our priority is to keep you away from a physical altercation which can only happen in three situations. One of those situations is out of your control, so I have to prepare you to use simple and effective physical techniques that DO NOT rely on strength.



For those traveling and working in dangerous areas of the world, we offer Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T) specifically for women that contains Anti-Rape components.

The Anti-Rape component from this course is also available separately for any woman who wants to protect themselves from this cowardly attack.




We've trained rape survivors, sexual assault victims and domestic violence victims. Dion wrote the worlds first good news book about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and partners with other trauma champions to share their lessons of healing and overcoming the strangle hold that trauma can have. @mrdionjensen


Partnering with trauma survivor and now spiritual and emotional healer Delphine Supanya, we offer programs and retreats for survivors of rape and abuse to find their way back to themselves.

To learn how to welcome being touched again in a respectful manner. @delphinesupanya


Dion Jensen is known as 'The Confidence Coach' and specializes in helping others raise their self-esteem and self-confidence.


Dion has access to a global community of powerful people who specialize in raising self-esteem and self-worth such as Yana Fry pictured here. @yanafry



It sounds rediculous to read that title right? But in the world today, people don't know how to meet a stranger in a cafe and have a normal conversation and make friends.

In a world of Facebook 'friends' and from zero to sex Tinder mentalities, people have forgotten the skills of conversations and interactions with manners and boundaries.




"The instructor was AMAZING! We were all very surprised at his demeanor as we were expecting a 'tough guy,' not the softly spoken instructor that trained us.

I have done self-defense courses before, but nothing like this that trained me how to THINK.

I was shocked at how many danger signs I miss on a daily basis that the instructor pointed out to us.

He even took us into town at night and showed us all the things that I never would have considered.

A MUST do course."



"I am not strong physically and a little timid, but I wanted to be able to go out and have fun without being scared. 

The instructor didn't brag about their experience, they were soley focused on training ME. They taught me with patience and encouragement. 

I realize now that my MIND is my greatest weapon and it's OK to be scared. This is actually an advantage.

 I understand why the instructors are hired to protect people for a living, they make you feel SAFE." 

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