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"To claim VICTORY over PTSD, by training those who have suffered trauma, in a SOLUTION based, clinically endorsed program, delivered in a language and manner, that matches the background of The Warrior."

The Good News About PTSD

You're not alone, you're not crazy and you can beat this!

What is happening is absolutely natural and the worse your signs and symptoms, the harder your Subconscious Bodyguards are trying to WIN!




***Swearing and Trigger Warning***


This video explains the concept of the book and lets you know in 60 seconds if this book is for you.

Key takeaways are that you are not alone, you are not crazy and you can beat this!



***Swearing and Trigger Warning***


Taking you through the outline and clearly explaining the process and foundation principle of the book that you are reacting EXACTLY as you were trained to react. That's not a disorder, that's training.



***Swearing and Trigger Warning***


 Even though we are manifesting negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, your 'Villains' are still trying to protect you. They are doing the Heroes job, but with negative consequences.



***Swearing and Trigger Warning***


Knowing what we know now, there are times where we need to call in reinforcements. Those reinforcements MUST match the villain we are dealing with otherwise there will be CARNAGE! 



Major Gordon Benfell was the youngest section commander of the Vietnam war out of the New Zealand and Australian contingent. (The ANZAC's)

This is what he said about the book in NZ Parliament.


A soldier is trained to win. Period.

We have a VICTORY mindset.

PTSD and Veteran suicide is just another battle. I won this battle and I want to teach you how you can also win...not just cope, but to claim VICTORY over PTSD. A timely reminder.


This book is clinically endorsed.

How was I able to have both military personnel and Psychologists understand the same content? Simple. I created a common language that both tribes understand.


I did what I could through the Defence Forces and Parliament with the book. Then I went outside into the civilian world.

Here is an interview on YanaTV  where I could explain to the civilian world how it worked

"For those that are struggling with PTSD both in the military and in the police service, this book gives you an opportunity to listen to somebody who knows your world, has been where you have been, and applies the very skills you already possess to achieve your goals. 

Dion has been there, survived it, and found a way through it.

For the professionals and organizations, here are some considerations: 

The book does not merely share his own story, but more than that, Dion applies CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques as well as soldier imagery and Jungian warrior archetypes to access more complex and richer emotional material in regards to PTSD. 

Dion states very clearly that he is not a clinician, but there is no doubt that his story and his way of overcoming PTSD provides a means for others to find their warrior way to a new life. 

 Ingo Lambrecht PhD M.A. (Comp. Lit.) M.A. (Clin. Psych.) Wits SA

Dear Sir/Mam, ladies and gentlemen.

My aim is for whomever is reading this is to understand how close I came to
ending my life and what saved me and why.

I am hoping that this information will stop someone else from killing themselves:


I went to hospital, spoke with both psychologists and psychiatrists, however this did not help me one bit, they didn't speak my language, I didn't trust them and if anything (like previously) made me want to avoid them at all costs.

It wasn't until a stranger turned up one day, this stranger would be the man that would save my life, and he would give my 3 beautiful children their father back and a loving son to his parents.

This man was Dion Jensen.


Not only did he freely give me guidance and his book (The good news about PTSD ) he took the time to sit down and explain to my mother and extended family about my situation.


He spoke English and spoke in such a way that we could understand (our language) not the language of a psychiatrist that you almost need a degree in robotics to comprehend.
Let me be totally honest, what he told me, the language he spoke and the direction he pointed me in, saved my life and that's the truth of it.


Chris, Military Veteran, Soldier, Son, Father.

"No-one had ever explained to me why I would become very angry and think that everyone was my enemy or why I would wake up screaming at night in pools of sweat and tears. 

They could tell me what it meant in medical terms, (I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD) , but no-one could explain to me why or how I ended up this way ... until now. 

Dion's book, even just by reading the book outline, has already connected my subconscious section to my brain and has already helped me understand that I am not "crazy", that I am normal, my normal."

Australian Military Veteran

"From the beginning of reading your book overview, the feeling I had was that I am exactly perfect as I am and there is nothing to fix. There is only a new skill to put in my sack.

Sometimes, I will go into a crowded area, a shopping mall for instance and automatically check sight lines, run profiles, etc because it occurs to me that I am in a kill zone.

The way you transform language has a profound impact on one's feelings and the results that are possible from the ensuing actions.

Thank you for your candor, thoughtfulness and love in sharing your work with me. "

US Military Veteran

"Coming back from an operational deployment then the nothingness until PTSD and major depression kicks in.

 After 11 years of hardly any help and no programs or enough veterans other than Vietnam veterans; help wasn’t out there.

 I want this book or should I say I NEED this book. It’s written in military lingo and is completely understandable.

 This book will echo for decades to come."

Military Veteran

I would like to thank Dion for saving my life and relationship and giving me a strength to move forward and truly believe that there is nothing wrong with me.


When the psych assessed me she was gobsmacked of my awareness and the knowledge I possessed.


I look forward to my future, thanks Dion, my life is in the greatest of hands.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"Not being of a military background, but one of Policing I can relate to what you have written, and it is great. 

I have suffered from PTSD for a long time due to various critical incidents (murders) involving children and young people along with fatal crashes death messages, sieges, riots and a myriad of incidents over 21 years.

 Reading what you have written has opened up an escape for me from where I have been locked in at times.

Thanks mate. It has been a battle..."


I would like to firstly thank you Dion for giving me, a mother a deeper understanding
of the mindset from these incredible human beings that give their
lives for others.


My son is a veteran and is currently doing a circuit in


 I wish this book had of been out years ago, so that I had the
ability to understand the circumstances we faced as a family.  


A mothers love has no boundaries, I would give my last breath
for him.


The Good News About PTSD

You're not alone, you're not crazy and you can beat this!

What is happening is absolutely natural and the worse your signs and symptoms, the harder your Subconscious Bodyguards are trying to WIN!

Dion Jensen

Ex-Soldier Ex-Police Officer
Ex-Close Protection Operative

Specialist Leader, Manager and Trainer

Professional Speaker and Humanitarian

Goalcast Speaker over 1.5 Million Views

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