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What is stopping you from writing your book?


And have you thought about the speeches, workshops or programs that could come from the contents of your book?


Your book is one way to share your message with the world... What if I told you that it is the FOUNDATION of taking your message to the world?


I went from being an author, to a speaker, to a trainer to running events and now retreats...but I had NO IDEA how to write a book...what almost stopped me was:




It was TERRIFYING to write my first book, and it was so FRUSTRATING!


It seemed so EXPENSIVE, it looked like it would take too long and although I had lived my content, I didn't know where to start! How do I write it, how do I format and edit my book and at EVERY stage of the process, someone wanted money from me!


Well, I wrote my first book alone, with no idea what to do...so I just wrote it as I would SPEAK my story to someone, turned it into an eBook and put it online...and guess what? It started saving lives! Getting my story out there was the most important thing...your CONTENT is what the world needs to read...the packaging can come later.


Now, as an international author with two clinically endorsed books, and an eBook that TRENDED AT NUMBER 1 ON LINKEDIN, I've mapped the process and I want to help YOU get your story out into the world as quickly and as painlessly as possible! A simple, clear and step by step process to follow.


I've had people come to me that have spent $5,000, $10,000 and one guy $25,000 JUST TO GET THEIR BOOK DONE! From there they have no money to market and sell their book and no map or plan that includes other options apart from just selling their book.


So I've taken the heartache out of writing a book, by alleviating BOTH of those issues.


I wrote the map that started with an eBook that grew me from being a published author and grew me into an Inspirational Speaker and International Trainer, speaking on stages around the world and running my own workshops, events and retreats.


To put the icing on the cake, we will SHOW you what to do and how to do it. We will give you the MAP that this process fits into, and we will GUIDE you through every stage of the process.

I started as a self-published author, then went through a publisher once I was clinically endorsed, changed direction away from physical books to increase my reach and audience through eBooks, to becoming this decades first Goalcast Speaker and founder of www.thelionacademy.co.nz as an inspirational speaker, mentor and trainer.


eBooks are cheaper, faster and easier to design, create and market than physical books and if you follow a strategy that is already proven, you are going to be surrounded by people that have already done it!


If you are:


1. A brand new author

2. A published author with physical books in boxes gathering dust

3. A speaker, mentor or trainer WITHOUT a book to your name


Then this is for you!


Dion Jensen




"I chose www.Idea2ebook.com to help me complete writing my book, because for many years I have wanted to and started, however I always stopped when it came time to edit, format and set it out correctly and then the cost of publishing was so expensive and I had no idea how to do all this.


When I saw www.Idea2ebook.com, I jumped at the chance, the one on one calls with ACTUAL AUTHORS to help and advise me, stepping me through the entire process from writing it, then having them check everything, to having it edited and finally being published has been remarkable. They have really done everything all I had to do was write!


Janette Martin – Australia


“With clarity of purpose and process, comes confidence and motivation and I love the fundamental principle of “People before Profit” and working with a team of experts who have actually taken this journey themselves.


The structure and format of my soon-to-be-published eBook ‘Sacred vs Scared’ aligns to the structure/format of my speeches, program, workshops, proposals, etc. I now have a consolidated package that provides consistency across every aspect of my kaupapa … fantastic!!


 My book is the solid foundation that supports everything else... and doors are already starting to open!”


 Elaine Lees – New Zealand

What about AFTER you've

written your eBook? 

What then?

Well, we won't upsell you on a marketing package and charge you 1000's of dollars like traditional publishers do!


Instead, all of our students will then get access to a fully built eBook funnel, allowing you to advertise and have your eBook downloaded for free to establish authority as an expert, or available to purchase, if you are selling your eBook.


We will also give you access to our social media marketing strategy and templates so you can hit the ground running.


Click the button below to download one of our eBooks that TRENDED AT NUMBER 1 

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This is the same system we offer to our authors.

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