Featuring as the first Goalcast Speaker of this decade, Dion's inspirational content is promoted alongside some of the worlds most influential and inspirational people.


If inspiration is the impact that you're looking for, then Dion is the speaker for you!



Featuring in the Air New Zealand in-flight magazine alongside the 2019 New Zealander of the Year and the All Blacks Manager, Dion was recently hired as a subject matter expert to deliver a speech for The Corporate Health and Wellness Summit organized by Thinktank Media.


As the former Regional Manager for Asia Pacific (APAC,) Dion has led and managed teams where it counts; in the marketplace. At the end of the day, your people still have to deliver and inspiration without motivation and strategy, isn't enough.


If you want a speaker that can not only inspire, but can motivate your people to perform, then engagement, productivity and revenue, goes up.


Mental Health, Leadership, Management and Strategy are his fortes and as a clinically endorsed author who has featured on National Radio in New Zealand and Asia, he has the credibility to prove it.


If any of these are important for your organization, then Dion is the speaker for you!



Born into a Military family, Dion would go on to join the New Zealand Army and deploy to Bosnia, returning as a Military Veteran. He would then join the New Zealand Police Force before evolving into a Close Protection Operative working in the Middle East.


This journey gave Dion the insights and lessons to now provide solutions for the Military and Frontline communities of the world, solutions for PTSD, Suicide, Transition and Value and all those issues that only those in uniform face.


If your people wear a uniform, Dion is the speaker for you!


Dion was trusted to deliver his story at the 2019 Senior Enlisted Leaders Conference (SELCONF) in New Zealand for every allied commander at the top of the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer rank.


This was the first time that New Zealand had hosted this event. It was part of New Zealand Military and National History. On stage in front of his Military Tribe, Ngati Tumatauenga, Dion shared how he has moved through many issues that Military and Frontline Staff are yet to get through.


You can trust Dion to serve your unit and your corps. Because he is one of your own and has been where you are.

Audience Connection

Professional and Prepared

From the plane, to the hotel, to the event, Dion is renowned for representing your brand, your company and your people with courtesy and respect.


He arrives early, liaises with the events team, AV team and videographer, with a thumb-drive in hand containing everything that the team needs to run a smooth event.


Dion honors the audience, the AV team and 'The army of ants.' Those workers, waiters and waitresses that work behind the scenes.


Dion makes everyone feel like a VIP!

Good morning Dion,


It was simply incredible to hear you speak at the Health & Wellbeing Summit yesterday. I was encapsulated by your introduction, delivery and level of honesty as well as insight into a very relevant and unaddressed matter in the corporate world.


I particularly loved your “super power” explanation and was quietly amused with how your presentation silenced the entire room – not many people have the ability to silence an audience, but you did. I loved it. 


Thank you so much for the work that you do, the impact that you make/continue to make, and I wish you nothing but success and support now and in the future. 

Morven Lynch | Health, Safety & Wellness Business Partner (Wellness Lead)

Dion’s talk at the Health & Wellbeing summit was profound in its simplicity. 

He told us many individual stories of people, with real life struggles, any one of whom could have been, or might still be, a member of our own business. 

He talked about how bullies worked.

He challenged us to reflect on how our own behaviour as leaders, however well meaning, could be perceived as being the bully in the room. 

His talk finished with me wanting to learn more about what he had learnt, and he has generously provided me with both of his books.

Dion’s talk provided rich food for thought, and for that reason, was hugely appreciated.

Sheena Naughton

Head of Human Resources

“Dion Jensen exhibits his mana (his presence, credibility and power) as a man and a speaker.

His speaking style is engaging and relates directly to the audience, presenting challenging and difficult topics in his own style of simplicity. His VIP model of mental health resonated with me – in terms of how our Values, Identity and Purpose helps define what gives us positive mental health, and how, when these personal factors are challenged by people or environments, they form the roots of mental ill health, including anger and fear.” Kia Maia - Persevere 

Dr David Beaumont

Occupational Psychologist

“Dion Jensen provided a very captivating presentation! 

I appreciated his direct approach in discussing the ‘elephants’ in the room and making us think about how we can create a VIP culture, acknowledge and develop strength in kindness, and having the courage to call things and/or people out when required. 

A refreshing message of empowerment, confidence and courage! 

Thank you very much!” 

Dina Kahaialii

Project Manager


Dion was called upon to open the worlds first Idea's and Inspiration event at the 1 billion-dollar Lifelong Learning Institute building in Singapore


The VIP of Mental Health

Corporate Bullying


Sharing the event with the 2019 New Zealander of the Year and The New Zealand All Blacks Manager, Dion utilizes his psychosocial experience to tailor his VIP of Mental Health concept to tackle Corporate Bullying.


As a global psychosocial consultant and former Regional Operations Manager for Asia Pacific, Dion was ideally placed to connect to an audience that consisted of CEO's and HR Professionals.


A keynote that links the head, the heart and the wallet, every demographic of your business can benefit from this powerful, experience and results based speech.

Make Peace With The Mirror

 In-House Version


Dion's signature keynote is delivered within an organization for the benefit of their own staff.


A softer approach, Dion shares the same story however is delivered in a very respectful and intimate manner.


The result from this keynote consisted of many tears, many smiles and many 'thank you's' after the event.


Lift and inspire your people to 'Make Peace With The Mirror' so they come to work looking for the best in others.


Delivered to the iconic 5 star Fullerton Hotel brand in Singapore.

How To Pitch Your

Billion-Dollar Idea


Having written the sales and marketing plan for Asia Pacific and having personal connections to the TV Show 'Shark Tank' Dion was invited to assist a Defence Client for their internal innovation event.


Dion is an NZ Military Veteran and his connection to the demographic in the room was obvious.


To combine this background with his sales and marketing expertise alleviated a lot of fear!


A fantastic ice-breaker and informative keynote to foster innovation and engagement within your organization.


Delivered to DSO National Laboratories in Singapore.

Freedom From Fear

 Liberate Your People


A section taken from Dion's full speech entitled 'A Soldier In The Business World' (below) Dion shows how he increases engagement, productivity and revenue within a business by looking for the fear.


Delivered at The Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce in Australia to the business community, it was a watershed moment for many of the business owners in attendance.


An international keynote to the business and creative community.


Make Peace

With The Mirror


In this keynote, Dion invites the audience to consider where they are really getting their value from.


In a very personal address, Dion shares how he HATED who and what he saw in the mirror and how his journey to making peace with the mirror, revealed secrets to increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.


An inspirational and thought-provoking address where Dion will give your audience the insights, tools and thought processes to help them 'Make Peace With The Mirror.'


An international keynote requested as the opening speech for the world's first Idea's and Inspiration event at the 1 billion-dollar Lifelong Learning Institute building in Singapore.

A Soldier In The Business World

The Victory Mindset


This was the keynote that featured in the book 'Humanitarian Rockstars by Cindy Rochstein.


Taking my Sun Tzu understanding that was featured on 89.3 Money FM in Singapore, to explain how I use my Military background in the business world to save lives and increase profit.


For organizations looking at a way to combat disruption, clashes in values between traditionals and millenials, this is the keynote for you.


Dion is trained to win. He has The Victory Mindset!

A Book Can Change The World

The Good News About PTSD


This book is still saving lives.


This keynote is the story of the books creation, how it works and the challenges it has faced.


The story includes Ministers of Defence, behind the scenes attacks against both the author and the book.


A book can save a life and this is one such book.


An inspirational story of overcoming the odds and picking battles that others are too scared to face.

Protecting Women

Enough is enough!


This keynote is the story of Dion coming home on leave from being a bodyguard in the middle east to find that there had been a murder and multiple attacks on women in the town where he used to be a Police Officer.


Dion decided that enough was enough and began running programs to teach women how to out think an attacker, not out muscle them.


His credibility?


Soldier, Police Officer, Bodyguard and Master Trainer. Attackers beware!



Making the complex SIMPLE!

Providing psychosocial solutions for the workplace and the world, The VIP of Mental Health will assist with increasing engagement, productivity and revenue in the workplace and increasing self-esteem and confidence in the mirror!

With a 15 page workbook added in the back of the book, you will be able to IMMEDIATELY implement the content for YOUR benefit!

Email and I'll send you the FREE eBook!

The Good News About PTSD

You're not alone, you're not crazy and you can beat this!

What is happening is absolutely natural and the worse your signs and symptoms, the harder your Subconscious Bodyguards are trying to WIN!

As a master of ceremonies and event host at a recent Singapore conference with over 120 academics and working professionals, Dion was the lead off speaker out of five speakers. I can state from my front row advantage that he hit the mark with his message 'Make Peace with the Mirror' to our SE Asian / Expat audience.

He did a great job of inspiring them and stayed right on track with his TEDx style presentation. I can highly recommend him to any organisation to empower their employees or business connections to live more fulfilling lives after listening to him speak with authority, compassion, humour and brevity.

Rob Salisbury, CSP

Conference Speaker | Event Promoter | Event Host | MC

Dion's YouTube Channel


Dion has a unique and varied background that includes Military, Police, Close-Protection and Bodyguarding. Dion used this experience to create two global initiatives:

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